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Red and Yellow Day 2017

Red and Yellow Day 2017

On the 13th February we had Red and Yellow Day to celebrate the Lunar New Year. We had some great performances including Lantern Dances, Fan Dances and Ribbon Dances. We also had demonstrations of Chinese yo-yo tricks, hip-hop dancing and Kung Fu.

Some teachers and students got to participate in activities. Mr Ford got to try a Chinese yo-yo trick and it nearly hit the roof!



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Sister School Art Project

Children throughout the school have been involved with our sister school art project. We have painted on an undercoat and outlined the images on the canvases with black paint. We have now started to add the colours and have begun painting some areas with yellow and red. Sue Jarvis, who is leading the project, has been to our school a couple of times now and a few very lucky grades have had the opportunity to work with her and talk about her art.


ss1 ss2 ss3 ss4 ss5

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5/6s in the Art Room!

Year 5/6L and 4/5H started the semester by looking at work by Andy Warhol. The children produced some very colourful soup cans that were inspired by his artwork. We also had some very creative soup names including Confetti Soup, Sloth Soup and Coke Soup…….yum!!!!



These grades have also been working on a radial symmetry relief sculpture. The children were introduced to three basic paper folds and then they let their creatively take over. Aren’t the results amazing?







The children in 5/6L are currently working on a warm and cool colours project. Don’t their efforts look great!

pic388 pic399

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3/4s in the Art Room!

Year 2/3T, 3/4B and 3/4JL started the semester with a printing project. They were inspired by Andy Warhol’s ‘Flower’ series. They began by cutting out a flower from a foam sheet and then printed it using bright, fluro paint colours. They then used pastels to create a line patterned background and finally painted a wash over the pastel background. The display in the library attracted many compliments for our young artists. Well done!

pic27      pic26

The children created textured paper by using texture plates and rubbing blocks. It made a great background for their various scratch art projects.


These children are currently working on a foil relief project that emphasizes shape – one of the ‘Elements of Art’. The children cut out a circle shape which became the face of a sun or a moon – or a sun/moon. The children then cut out shapes for eyes, eyebrows, noses, mouths, cheeks etc which were glued onto the face. This was then covered with foil to really highlight the shapes used. The children then coloured their faces using either warm (for sun) or cool (for moon) colours. Next came the favourite step of this project so far…….the 3D paint!!!! This was used to add further interest – just had to watch some children or they would have used it all! Although these faces are already stunning, there is still more to do before they are finished. You’ll have to wait and see how they look when they are completed!


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1/2s in the Art Room!

The children in 1KM, 1/2PC and 1/2S created some amazing self- portraits. To begin, they painted in Jackson Pollock style and created a background for their portrait. Then they took out the texture tools and created some painted paper which later became their t-shirt. We talked about different skin colours and the children painted some paper the colour of their own skin. They used this paper to cut out a face and neck. Finally, they put all the pieces together and used pastels to draw on their facial features. Phew…….what a lot of work!

pic 8

We even included some revision of primary colours when the children made hand prints using two primary colours. They told us what colour their primary colours would make before they rubbed their hands (and the two paint colours) together to check. I think this was the children’s favourite part of this project!pic9

These Autumn leaves look so beautiful. The children painted some concentric circles and then glued tissue paper over them to represent water. The leaves are made of diffusing paper that the children coloured with textas and then watched as the colours merged together when they painted them with watercolour paint.


These grades are currently working on a Piet Mondrian project. We revised types of straight lines – horizontal, vertical and diagonal. The children were then set free with rulers and pencils to practise ruling lines. This can be quite tricky at first. The children then ruled horizontal and vertical lines on to cut out yacht shapes. Some of the spaces between the lines were coloured red, blue and yellow. The children then glued thin black paper over the lines and glued their artwork onto backing paper.




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Foundation Students in the Art Room!

Children in Foundation A, Foundation R and F/1N began the semester by creating a self-portrait. They used torn coloured paper to create a background for their artwork.


These children also created their own Andy Warhol inspired artwork…….can’t start too young!


Look at these children from Foundation A – busily working together to create a co-operative line sculpture.


These children also produced some beautiful windsocks. They drew different types of lines with pastels and then painted over the pastel with a wash. The children curled and pinched ‘lines’ of paper and then attached them to the painted paper. Yes, they do look a bit like an octopus. Perhaps a really pretty octopus!


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District and Division Cross Country

Congratulations to all the students who qualified for district and the division cross country!

IMG_7098 IMG_7096 IMG_7094 IMG_7092 IMG_7091

IMG_7089 image7 image6 image5 image4

image3 image2 image1



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Parent Opinion Surveys for Music and LOTE

Dear Parents,

I have put together some brief surveys for feedback on the Music and LOTE programs. If you can spare a minute or two to fill them in it would be greatly appreciated:


Music survey for parents:



LOTE survey for parents:


Many thanks,

Nicole Lee

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