ARPS Attendance policy May 2018

ARPS Induction for new students policy May 2018

ARPS Mathematics policy May 2018

ARPS play based learning in the early years policy Mar 2018

ARPS Visitors policy sept 2017

ARPS Statement of values Updated Aug 16 2017

ARPS Social Media policy sept 2017

ARPS Mandatory Reporting policy sept 2017

ARPS External Providers policy sept 2017

ARPS Excursion Incursion & Camps Policy September 2017

ARPS Duty of Care On Site Supervision policy sept 2017

ARPS Child Safe Environment Policy aug 2017

ARPS Child Protection Reporting Policy aug 2017

ARPS Attendance September 2017 Policy


ARPS eSmart Policy

ARPS Acceptable Use Agreement of Technology

ARPS Mobile Phone Policy

ARPS Volunteer Policy

ARPS Addressing Parent Complaints Policy

ARPS Anti-Bullying

ARPS Anti Harassment Policy

ARPS Approaching the School Policy

ARPS Asthma Policy

ARPS Bullying Prevention Policy 2017

ARPS Child Safe Standards Policy 2016

ARPS Communication of Policies and Procedures and Schedule Policy

ARPS Cyber Safety

ARPS Dogs on school grounds

ARPS Electronic Devices Policy

ARPS English Policy

ARPS English As Additional Language (EAL) Policy

ARPS Extension Gifted and Talented Policy

ARPS Formation of Classes Policy 2016

ARPS Headlice Policy

ARPS Hire Info for One Off Hires

ARPS Hire Info for Ongoing Hires

ARPS Homework Policy 2016

ARPS Junior School Council (JSC) Policy

ARPS Parent Participation Class Representative Policy

ARPS Parent Payment Policy 2016

ARPS Privacy Policy

ARPS Reporting to Parents Policy 2016

ARPS Senior Student Leaders Policy

ARPS Student Engagement Inclusion Wellbeing Policy

ARPS Sun Smart Policy

ARPS Sustainability Environment Policy

ARPS Swimming Policy

ARPS Uniform Policy

ARPS Working with Children Check Policy 2016