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Student Leaders 2018




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2017 Student Leaders


As school captains, we are really excited to be your school captains for 2017. There are so many great things about this school it is impossible to just mention one. But if we had to say one thing great about the school it would be that staff give us the opportunity as students to have roles. Something we can do around the school to help is pick up the rubbish and don’t walk past. Something else we can do is keep students from playing by themselves and play with friends. The biggest role of being school captains; we can talk at assembly and greet parents and influence them to enrol their kids into our great school.




Mark and Deannah:

This year we will be looking forward to Cross Country, Athletics Carnival, Interschool sports and making the school a better place. We both enjoy our job as House Captains and love helping the school out with activities.

Reece and Dorothy:

This year we look forward to the GRIP leader conference and camp. We both can’t wait to take on this role which we are both very grateful for.




This year, Paige and Georgia as the House Captains and Kathryn and Carter as the Vice-Captains of Perkins are looking forward to speaking at assembly and having the responsibility of looking after the sports equipment. We are all very responsible and will do what we have to make 2017 a good year.  Hopefully, we can make it an enjoyable year and make all the sports events fun.

Paige, Georgia, Kathryn and Carter






2016 Student Leaders

Our Albany Rise School Values are RESPECT, RESPONSIBILTY and RESILIENCE. We call them the three R’s. All leaders must have these values to become and leader. There are many leadership positions including school and vice-captains, peer mediators, junior school councillors and more. To get these leadership positions you have to write a heartfelt speech about why you want the role and what skills/values you have to complete the role. There are many other values our leaders possess, such as confidence, persistence, organistation, kindness, good work ethic, politeness, etc. Now you know what leadership is about, you will know how to spot a good leader.

By Faheem – Vice School Captain; Thanasi – House Captain; Breanna – Vice House Captain







2015 Student Leaders

school captains 2015


Young Leaders

School Captains and Vice Captains

There are many different leadership roles at Albany Rise Primary School. There is Junior School Councils, Peer Mediators, House Captains and School Captains.

As School Captains, we participate and organise our assembly’s every Friday. We contribute in excursions and incursions, we have to be good role models to all students and set a great example across the school. We have many special jobs to do and we are trusted to do the right thing and act responsibly. We also make speeches and meet visitors that come to see our school, such as Daniel Andrews our local MP.

Sometimes we show parents and special visitors around the school and answer any questions they may have. We represent the school at formal occasions such as Anzac Day commemorations, excursions and other special events. We try our best to be the best students we can and show responsibility, sportsmanship, resilience, organisation and many other traits essential to the School Captain and Vice-Captain Role.

We use our manners and respect all teachers and students. We make sure we are polite. We do jobs around the school such as picking up rubbish; we listen to the teachers and join discussions sometimes with Junior School Counsellors. At Albany Rise we try our best to fulfil our roles and responsibilities. We listen and respect everyone’s opinions at all times.


House Captains

At Albany Rise Primary School, there are four houses named after famous Australian athletes. Green house is named after Donald Bradman, a worldwide known cricket player. Blue house is named after Dawn Fraser, an amazing global swimmer. Red House is named after Cathy Freeman, who is internationally known as a great track athlete. Yellow house is named after Kieran Perkins, a wide-reaching swimmer known across many countries. The houses are named Bradman, Fraser, Freeman and Perkins.

Our role includes collecting house points from all the classrooms on Fridays and announcing the totals at our school assembly. Each house gets a turn collecting the points so that it is fair. We also help out at sports events and represent our houses with pride!

Two Year 6 students are chosen to take on the roles of House Captains for every house. There are also two Year 5 students as Vice Captains to help us out as back up when we need it.

We are recognised by our badges given to us at a special presentation at the start of the year. Mr Hugh Blakey, the Principal of Wellington Secondary Collage, came specially to present us with our badges. We also have flags that we showcase at assembly when we announce the house points for the week.

To become a house captain, you must write a speech at the end of Year 5 to apply. You read your speech to all the Year 5s and then the principals, teachers and students all get a chance to vote. The final decision is on the principals, of course.

And that is our life as house captains.