The Hall is used for weekly Physical Education lesson, Friday Afternoon Assemblies, Whole School Events, Prep PMP sessions and much more. We also loan our Hall to local business or programs. Email the school for more information if you would like to rent our Hall.


Visual Art Room

Our Art Room is used for weekly Visual Art lessons. The room has a many features that are essential to a functioning art room – large storage space, multiple sinks, drying racks, etc.

Specialist Program art




We have 3 playgrounds at Albany Rise. They have been purposefully built for different ages – Prep-Year 2, Years 3-4, Years 5-6.


Asphalt Area



The Year 1 and Foundation classrooms are located in ‘The ARC’ (The Albany Rise Centre). The ARC was recently built in 2011. The building contains 4 large classrooms, 3 small conference rooms, a kitchenette and a large common space for students to take part in play based developmental learning. This area has been recently refurbished to provide an attractive and engaging play-based learning space for our junior students.



The Hub

Students enjoying using laptops in the Hub to extend their knowledge and skills of technology. The Hub is directly connected to the library so students can use the space in a research/investigation manner. Teachers have access to a large projector to demonstate computer skills and techniques with ease to students.



The Albany Rise Library is stocked with a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books. Students attend the library weekly to borrow books and explore the many resources available to them. We also have a part-time Librarian to assist students with their borrowing and to ensure our library is up to date with new books.


Hilton Hen House

In 2013, the students in Years 3 -4 hatched and raised chickens and ducks as part of their inquiry learning on life cycles. These animals have become a much loved creatures at Albany Rise. Our chickens and ducks lay many eggs which are available to buy from the Office.


Vegetable Garden

Over the past few years, our vegie garden has grown many different types of vegetables.