School Profile

Albany Rise Primary School is located in the City of Monash within the boundaries of Wellington, Springvale and Police Roads, Mulgrave. Currently the enrolment number is 300. The school motto “Education is our Future” along with a school vision being developed enables all participants in the school community to focus on improving educational opportunities, practices and facilities for all students.

Albany Rise Primary School offers high quality educational programs through an integrated curriculum in all areas of the Australian Victorian Essential Learning Standards (AusVELS). These standards consist of Physical, Social and Personal Learning, Disciplinary Based Learning and Interdisciplinary Learning. In 2016, all staff are developing updated units of work in Literacy, Numeracy and Inquiry teaching and learning, to reflect the introduction of the new Victorian Curriculum beginning in 2017. The student leadership programs, Maths Olympiads, music program and UNSW assessments are just a few of the many opportunities provided for student enrichment. Learning is further enriched by the engaging Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Language (Mandarin) and Sports opportunities provided for our students. Opportunities such as choir, musical production, market day and sports carnivals are all highlights of student life at our school, along with a range of extra-curricular opportunities including; inquiry based excursions, year 2-6 camping program, daily lunchtime activities and targeted sporting opportunities. A focus on building positive relationships across our school community, through our ‘KidsMatter’ approach, has strengthened links between the school and home. Student wellbeing programs provide a strong and ongoing focus on building relationships, support and building a cooperative learning environment.

At Albany Rise primary School, we promote a positive, caring environment where all students are able to achieve. The staff are highly motivated, professional and caring who focus on the differentiated needs of all students. They work in teams to plan and implement quality teaching and learning programs based upon our understandings of students’ needs, skills, interests and their preferred learning style.

Albany Rise Primary School is committed to achieving excellence and continued improvement in student outcomes. During 2016 we have continued to focus on improving student performance in Literacy and Numeracy. The school has a stable and dedicated staff consisting of: 2 Principal class members, a Student Welfare Officer, 18 equivalent full time teaching staff as well as 6.65 Education Support Staff.

In 2013 Albany Rise became a ‘Kids Matter’ school with an emphasis on developing a framework for student wellbeing programs across the school. Over recent years, whole staff training in restorative practices was undertaken to ensure a consistent school-wide approach. Year 5 students received training in peer mediation every year, with this role one of many key leadership roles for our senior students in 2016. Improved approaches to the explicit teaching of reading strategies, professional learning for teachers in planning for real life, challenging mathematics experiences and a whole school assessment schedule have also been recent achievements.

In 2016 we have continued to refer to our consistent whole school instructional model when developing teacher capacity and engaging learning opportunities. Staff have built on work in the moderation of student assessments to assist with teacher judgements. Feedback and goal setting for students has been a highlight of our approach to providing opportunities for student voice. In 2016, this included the introduction of digital portfolios for students in year 3-6. Our Foundation- Year 2 team have continued to develop a play based learning & investigation approach for students to support their oral language development.