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From the 15th -18th of August, 69 Year 5/6 students attended Camp Kangaroobie!!!

Over the 4 days students experienced:
Farm activities, ranging from feeding lambs- to kissing pig bottoms!
Survival game in the environment
A muddy and resilience testing obstacle course
and canoeing!

Students (and teachers) trekked over 10km through incline, sand and mud across Jellybean river, to the beach- (in less than perfect weather) for some sand dune tobogganing and lunch.

All students participated in our interactive Trivia Night and Talent Show, where students demonstrated a tremendous rage of talent, from speeches to raps, to dislocating shoulders while doing the splits and some beautiful singing. The night also featured some very exciting special guest judges!

We watched Norm of the North on our movie night and devoured lots of marshmallows that we toasted by the indoor fire pit.

We all found it very hard to say goodbye to the 3 four legged friends on the farm Bucket, Jedi and Luna!

Students discovered the ‘funnest game in the world’ in the Gaga Pit!

We visited the historic landmark The 12 Apostles and the infamous Loch Ard Gorge. This was a fascinating experience, as students have been learning about the history of Australia’s Shipwreck Coast.

Thank you to all the staff who made this camp possible and who assisted in making sure everything ran smoothly.

We hope everyone had a memorable experience and is well rested for school tomorrow.
Miss Costa