1/2s in the Art Room!

The children in 1KM, 1/2PC and 1/2S created some amazing self- portraits. To begin, they painted in Jackson Pollock style and created a background for their portrait. Then they took out the texture tools and created some painted paper which later became their t-shirt. We talked about different skin colours and the children painted some paper the colour of their own skin. They used this paper to cut out a face and neck. Finally, they put all the pieces together and used pastels to draw on their facial features. Phew…….what a lot of work!

pic 8

We even included some revision of primary colours when the children made hand prints using two primary colours. They told us what colour their primary colours would make before they rubbed their hands (and the two paint colours) together to check. I think this was the children’s favourite part of this project!pic9

These Autumn leaves look so beautiful. The children painted some concentric circles and then glued tissue paper over them to represent water. The leaves are made of diffusing paper that the children coloured with textas and then watched as the colours merged together when they painted them with watercolour paint.


These grades are currently working on a Piet Mondrian project. We revised types of straight lines – horizontal, vertical and diagonal. The children were then set free with rulers and pencils to practise ruling lines. This can be quite tricky at first. The children then ruled horizontal and vertical lines on to cut out yacht shapes. Some of the spaces between the lines were coloured red, blue and yellow. The children then glued thin black paper over the lines and glued their artwork onto backing paper.