IMAX and Scienceworks Excursion



Last Friday (3rd of June, 2016), the students in Years 3-6 went on an excursion. First we had to get on the bus at 8.20am just so that we can beat the early morning traffic. We got to IMAX at about 9.15am to watch a documentary about space in 3D! It was pretty sick seeing all the galaxies up close. Then we hopped back on the bus to go to Scienceworks and the Planetarium. In the Planetarium we watched a cartoon about the seasons and Earth’s tilted axis. Then we looked at star constellations. After that we looked around Scienceworks. There were sports, the future (think ahead) and there was even an Alice in Wonderland themed area! After all the wandering and looking all we all went on the bus and to go back to school.

-Kendall. K 5/6I


IMAX, Scienceworks and planetarium!

Last Friday, the 3, 4, 5 and 6’s went to IMAX and Scienceworks. First we went to IMAX. It was the best. We watched a 40 minute documentary about space. We loved it more because it was in 3D. After IMAX we went to Scienceworks. We all went into groups. All of the groups played games and watched a movie in the planetarium. Everyone loved it because we looked up in the sky and watched the movie. Then we went on the bus and came back to school.

Thanasi 5/6I