Camp Briars

2016 CAMP!

My favourite activities were canoeing, flying fox and a game called ‘a minute to win it’.

I was very lucky since I was one of the first people on the flying fox. It sounded like car wheels screeching it was painful to listen to, but very fast and super fun. At the end it hit a tyre and bounced back to stop it from going any further. The string that the seat hung from went on for eighty metres.

Canoeing was the activity I enjoyed most. Kathy and I got in an orange canoe. We soon learnt how to hold the oars and paddle. The dam water looked very filthy and dirty to us, but still we gave it a try. We thought it looked easy by the looks of it, but it wasn’t for sure.

You may know that ‘a minute to win it’ is a TV show. We took turns doing the activities within a minute, in our six groups. It was finally my turn, I had to bite an ice cream stick with a dice at the tip of the other end. Then walk to get a ping pong ball and walk backwards to the table and put the ball in a cup without turning around to see where to put it.

I enjoyed all the games and activities very much.

By Cindy 3/4JL

My Camp Highlights!

My stomach was roaring when I found out my next activity was canoeing. I was a little bit scared but because I had been canoeing before I knew it was fun. I was also scared because I didn’t want to fall in the GROSS and dirty water. When we were walking to the canoes it was so far away but I was still excited. My group and I was finally there, my legs were aching. Brett showed us how to use the paddles and how to avoid falling in. I finally got in the canoe with Isabella and it was relaxing to be floating in the water until Daniel in grade 3 was splashing me, I tried to splash him but I couldn’t. Brett called everyone out to explain the race that we were going to but it took Daniel and his partner to come because they were going the opposite way! Brett finally explained the race and as he said GO we set of and went Lachlan and Miss Brown won the race only because their paddles were the biggest.

I really liked camp it was the best and it was so fun with a capital F!

By Kayleigh 3/4B