In the Art Room…

This term has started off being very busy.

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We are just beginning an Art project that we are creating for our sister school in China. A professional artist, Sue Jarvis, will be helping us to complete a large mural which we will be presenting to our sister school. We are just in the initial stages at the moment…..which meant that all children have been asked to draw a picture about things they like doing or that they see as being special about Australia. The children came up with a great range of ideas. Can’t wait to see what the next stage involves!


There was great excitement from the Preps this week when they had their first session with clay. The children were encouraged to explore the clay – to see how it felt and find out what they could do with it. Routines for working with clay were also started.

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Do you think they ended up a little bit messy……..oh yeah!

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The Year 1/2 children have just completed a textile project. This involved stitching, manipulating wool by wrapping it around to create a flower (boy, this was tricky!), cutting fabric and finally creating a patterned border from fabric. As you can see, the results are stunning!

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The Year 3/4 children are just beginning a construction project. We have had a quick look at some work by the contemporary artist, Wayne Thiebaud. He has a strong interest in painting pictures of food such as cakes, ice cream and gumball machines. With the unseasonally hot weather working on ice creams should help to keep us cool while the children practise some construction skills.

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The children in 4/5H and 5L have created some wonderful stitch work. Can you believe that some of these children had never threaded a needle or done any sewing before this project? They should be really proud of their efforts – a great result.

These children have also completed some great printing using some printing foam. The children’s stitch work and printing efforts are currently on display in the ARC. Please feel free to drop by and take a closer look at the work created by these awesome artists.

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