Richmond Football Club visit Albany Rise

This week the grade 6’s were fortunate enough to have a visit from 3 Richmond Footy players!

Ricky Petterd, Anthony Miles and Matt McDonough came to Albany Rise to discuss the role of leadership in their day to day lives.

The boys hung around for some autograph signing and a kick to kick on the oval.



On Monday the 20th of July three of the Richmond Footy Players came to Albany Rise, Matt McDonough, Anthony Miles and Ricky Petterd. They came to talk to us baout leadership and how we are all leaders. We learnt that to be a leader you have to be responsible and you have to respect people. Afterwards we had a kick with them!

By Eleni Lyristis and Jack Kubsck 6C

On t he 20 of July 2015, Anthony Ricky and Matt from the Richmond footy Club came to talk to Albany Rise P.S and talked to us about responsibility resilience and respect around the Richmond footy club. Some students had the privilege to the them to sign some of their Richmond memorabilia. After 20 minutes of talking we went out to tkcik the football on the oval for about 10 minutes. Overall it was great to hear their talk.

Cody Seymor-Bromley 6JP

Anthony, Rick and Matt came to our school a few days ago from the Richmond Football Club! They taught us things about leadership, for example everyone is their own type of leader, some people are loud speaker type, some others are leaders who do things with actions instead of words, so they usually have a loud speaker near them! AFter they walked to us they went out and played football with the kids at our school on the oval. Also all the 6’s got signatures from them!

Jason Ho 6JP