Seed Germination 5/6’s

Inquiry Learning – Seed Germination

Grade 4/5H and Grade 5L have been working on Seed Germination. We each set up an experiment to see if beans would germinate and grow with water, air and sunlight. We wrote it up as a procedural text but added in a hypothesis and a conclusion.

We recorded our observations of the bean growth regularly in a table. Some of the people from our classes predicted what they thought would happen. This is the hypothesis.


Emmanuel – “I predict that some seeds will grow but some may die because that’s what happens in a science experiment.”

Jenna – “I think that we will have to wait three or four days and some may grow but some may die.”

Every second day we recorded our observations. We dissected the seed to see what was happening inside. We saw an emerging root and an emerging shoot. The white-coloured root came out first, followed by the greener shoot. We measured the growth of each of them and recorded it in our table.

Eventually our hypothesis was right. Most of the beans grew to be as tall as 4 cm. The beans in the most sunlight grew faster.

seed1 seed2 seed3 seed4