Grade 5’s Expositions!

Grade 5’s have been working on writing ‘Expositions’. Expositions are a persuasive piece of writing where the writer chooses one side of an argument and composes three important arguments in their composition.
Here are some excerpts from the children’s work.

‘Students should have mobile phones’ by Adi
“Secondly, mobile phones have education apps, eg. if you can’t go on Mathletics and Literacy Planet on your computer, you can flip out your phone and use the apps on your phone and learn. If you’re at a hotel and you didn’t bring your laptop, flip out your phone and use the apps which make you smarter!”

‘Students should have skateboards at school’ by Thomas
“Secondly, if you know where you live and you know the way home and your mum forgot to pick you up, you can ride on your skateboard home!”

‘All guns should be destroyed’ by Nathan
“Secondly, in wars if all guns were destroyed, we could prevent war in the future. There would only be wars with swords, bow and arrow, daggers and shields!”

‘Students should have mobile phones’ by Jaimee
“Firstly, it is extremely wrong NOT to have one. If you want to talk to your friends or family because they’re far, far away and to communicate with them, use a phone to do that. Don’t walk over there, it would take you hours for just talking. Dial their number, it will be much quicker!”

‘Students should have credit cards’ by Marko
“Furthermore, credit cards are a smart way to live because you can trace if someone has stolen your credit card and your parents can know what you have bought. If a mistake is made, or the child has done something bad, the parents can trace it back and do something about it!”

Wow, look out Andrew Bolt!!!!!!


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