Click against hate incursion- year 6

This week the year six students had an incursion, surrounding the idea of cyber safety, here are some of their thoughts!

Click Against Hate:

Today we had an incursion called ‘Click against Hate’ with Shannon from the Anti-Defamation Commission. She was telling us about cyber- bullying and some true personal experiences. We saw a video about defamation and incitement. After, we saw a video about how it’s bad to slap girls. We also saw one about some people asking girls of different ages to do things like “Run like a girl” or “Throw like a girl”. The older ones were doing the actions in ways that describe the phrase ‘Like a girl’. The younger ones however, were trying as hard as they could and when one was asked “What does it mean to run like a girl” she replied “It means to run as fast as you can” which was interesting.

I really enjoyed our incursion because it was interesting and I learnt new things.

By Bilaal 6JP


Our Incursion

This morning, we went to an incursion called ‘Click against hate’. A lady named Sharon taught about how to not be racist or offend other people. We learnt that everyone should be treated the same and the good and bad things about the Internet such as it’s good for research and bad because of Cyber Bullying. We also did a poster where we had to make a slogan about the information we had learnt from the Incursion. My partner and I did ‘Our fate is not to hate’. I thought it was very interesting because of all the information that we learnt.

By: Harry M 6JP

bella  jason and markYiota