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Parent Opinion Surveys for Music and LOTE

Dear Parents,

I have put together some brief surveys for feedback on the Music and LOTE programs. If you can spare a minute or two to fill them in it would be greatly appreciated:


Music survey for parents:


LOTE survey for parents:

Many thanks,

Nicole Lee

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Autumn has certainly been noticed in the Art room!

The Prep children and P/1R have done a great job using tissue paper to create an Autumn toned leaf. They carefully outlined their leaves with black paint after cutting them out. The children in the 1/2 grades have been busy printing leaves. They used some metallic paint on a sponge painted background. We put some of their great results up on display in the library. Don’t they look amazing?

prep art


Not to be outdone the Year 3/4 children made some sensational leaf rubbings. These looked so impressive – especially after they created a textured background for their rubbings.

34 art 234 art 1


The children in 4/5H and 5L have, at long last, nearly finished their Aboriginal inspired artwork. So many of these children have taken such care with this project. As you can see from these pictures they are looking stunning. Great job guys!

45 art 1 45 art 2 45 art 3

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Red and Yellow Day

in LOTE we have been learning about Chinese (Lunar) New Year and to celebrate this occasion we had a Red and Yellow day. Many children participated by dressing in these colours and the money raised is being donated to State Schools Relief.

The children also enjoyed making lanterns and other decorations for this day.

5 14 15 rsz_1 rsz_312

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ARPS Learns Mandarin

In LOTE Mandarin we are learning common greetings and phrases as well as the days of the week. We are also learning how to count to 100 and some body part names.



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