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Mad About Science


In preparation for our next inquiry unit on forces and movement, the 3/4s had a great time at our ‘Mad About Science’ incursion. We learnt about Newton’s Laws and had a go at lots of hands-on activities that demonstrated the law that things that objects that are still continue to be still and objects that are moving continue to move unless acted on by an unbalanced force. The activities were really cool and we had lots of fun beginning our inquiry into this topic!



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Sustainability and Upcycling!


This term we have been learning about sustainability. Specifically, we have been thinking about how we can reduce, reuse and recycle. Last week all 3/4 students attended an incursion about from the local council and were inspired to ‘upcycle’ items we would usually throw in the bin to be carted off to landfill. We researched examples of upcycling and what various everyday items (such as milk cartons, tissue boxes and coffee pods) could be turned into. We designed our new creations and then set about creating them. Check out what we came up with!

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Procedural Texts

In 3/4 we have been learning to write procedural texts. For one of our pieces in of writing in 3/4B we came up with creative ways of eating oreos. First we watched some Youtube videos of people eating oreos in all kinds of interesting ways to get some ideas. Next we came up with our own ideas and wrote our draft procedural text. We brainstormed how we could include adverbs to make our writing more detailed and added them into our final piece of writing. Finally, we ate the oreos!

img_8144 img_8129img_8141img_8148

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Camp Briars

2016 CAMP!

My favourite activities were canoeing, flying fox and a game called ‘a minute to win it’.

I was very lucky since I was one of the first people on the flying fox. It sounded like car wheels screeching it was painful to listen to, but very fast and super fun. At the end it hit a tyre and bounced back to stop it from going any further. The string that the seat hung from went on for eighty metres.

Canoeing was the activity I enjoyed most. Kathy and I got in an orange canoe. We soon learnt how to hold the oars and paddle. The dam water looked very filthy and dirty to us, but still we gave it a try. We thought it looked easy by the looks of it, but it wasn’t for sure.

You may know that ‘a minute to win it’ is a TV show. We took turns doing the activities within a minute, in our six groups. It was finally my turn, I had to bite an ice cream stick with a dice at the tip of the other end. Then walk to get a ping pong ball and walk backwards to the table and put the ball in a cup without turning around to see where to put it.

I enjoyed all the games and activities very much.

By Cindy 3/4JL

My Camp Highlights!

My stomach was roaring when I found out my next activity was canoeing. I was a little bit scared but because I had been canoeing before I knew it was fun. I was also scared because I didn’t want to fall in the GROSS and dirty water. When we were walking to the canoes it was so far away but I was still excited. My group and I was finally there, my legs were aching. Brett showed us how to use the paddles and how to avoid falling in. I finally got in the canoe with Isabella and it was relaxing to be floating in the water until Daniel in grade 3 was splashing me, I tried to splash him but I couldn’t. Brett called everyone out to explain the race that we were going to but it took Daniel and his partner to come because they were going the opposite way! Brett finally explained the race and as he said GO we set of and went Lachlan and Miss Brown won the race only because their paddles were the biggest.

I really liked camp it was the best and it was so fun with a capital F!

By Kayleigh 3/4B

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Changing Matter

The 3/4s have been enjoying their Inquiry Learning Unit about chemical science. This week the classes looked at changing states of matter- solid, liquid and gas! Students enjoyed cooking to demonstrate how heat and cold can change matter.



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Mad About Science

Last  week the 3/4 students participated in an school incursion about ‘Matter’, by a presenter from Mad About Science. The students learnt more about the states of matter and looked at some chemical changes. It was very exciting to be involved in science experiments.

20151104_145436 20151104_153407 20151104_153104

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3/4PW PowerPoint Presentations

The students of 34 PW have produced outstanding one minute talks! Each student researched and then produced a unique talk and PowerPoint about a different aspect of our state, ‘Victoria’. The talks were presented to the class while the PowerPoint presentation was played. The students produced colourful, clear and interesting slides. Students have enjoyed listening to other students talks.

Well done 3/4PW!

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Procedure Writing

Grade 3 and 4 students in 3/4T have been writing procedures. Students were able to choose what procedure they would like to write. There were great examples of making jelly, cooking pancakes, folding origami, brushing teeth and making an exploding volcano! All students enjoyed writing their procedures. They published their procedure on a word document and then filmed their procedure on IPads. We definitely have some budding T.V presenters and directors at Albany Rise P.S!

Here are some examples of our fantastic work.



How to make a volcano and cause it to erupt.


  • modelling clay or dough
  • half a cup of water
  • a quarter cup of vinegar
  • a quarter cup of dish detergent
  • three or four drops of red or orange food colouring/dye
  • two tablespoons of baking soda
  • a tissue
  • a container
  • a spoon
  • a bowl


1. Shape volcano with your hands.

2.  Leave a hole in the middle, about the size of your container, and then place it in.

3. Mix the rest of the ingredients except the baking soda into a bowl with a spoon.

4. Pour the mixture into the container.

5. Place the baking soda in the tissue, and then drop it in your volcano.

6. Stand back watch your volcano erupt!

By Amiee


Goal: How to brush your teeth.


  • a toothbrush
  • a tap
  • toothpaste
  • a cup (optional)


1. Put toothpaste on your toothbrush.Open the tap and put water in your cup if you want.

2. Put your toothbrush in your mouth and brush your teeth by making it go up and down thirty times.

3. Pick up your cup and rinse your mouth with the water inside the cup (or get the water from the tap).

4. Rinse your toothbrush with water.

5. Enjoy your clean teeth!

By Sherina



Goal: how to make  delicious jelly.


  • jelly mixture
  • kettle
  • one cup of water
  • spoon
  • bowl


1. Pour the water into the kettle.

2. Boil the hot water in the kettle.

3. Pour the hot water in the bowl.

4. Pour the jelly crystals into the bowl too.

5. Mix it with your spoon.

6. Keep mixing until it’s dissolved.

7. Put the jelly in the fridge for one hour.

8. Take the jelly out of the fridge.

9. Enjoy your jelly.

By Morenzo




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3D Models and Points of View

The students in 3/4T built 3D models and drew their different points of view. We used the Ipods to help us visualise the 2D faces on the models. This included the top view or bird’s eye view and the side view. We loved making the 3D models and using the Ipods!


3D Shapes 3D Shapes2 3D Shapes3 3D Shapes4 3D Shapes5 3D Shapes7 3D Shapes8 3D Shapes9


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Plant and Animal Lifecycles

2015-05-08 17.39.16

This week we have begun our new Inquiry Learning topic ‘Plant and Animal Lifecycles’. We discussed what we knew about how plants grow. Then we each put a broad bean seed in a plastic glad bag with a wet paper towel to provide moisture. We decided that plants need sunlight so we have taped our plastic bags to the window. It will be exciting to watch our seeds start growing!


2015-05-08 17.33.45

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