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Year 4s

Three groups in 4LW made posters of Text-to-Self, Text-to-Text and Text-to-World. Text-to-Self means to connect a piece of text to your life. Text-to-Text means to connect a piece of text to another text. Text-to-World means to connect a piece of text to something you haven’t experienced before but you know it’s out there somewhere in the world.

The first group made the Text-to-Self poster. First they thought of ideas and made a rough copy. While they were doing this the next group made the Text-to-Text poster. First they wrote all their ideas to form a rough copy. Finally the last group made the Text-to-World poster. First they did a plan for their good copy.
Each group then put all the ideas together and wrote it down on their good copy paper and made their good copy.
Next each group’s rough draft was rotated through each group so each group would be able to add to the rough draft and add things that the other groups may have forgotten.

That’s how we made all our posters I hope you enjoyed reading.









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From the 15th -18th of August, 69 Year 5/6 students attended Camp Kangaroobie!!!

Over the 4 days students experienced:
Farm activities, ranging from feeding lambs- to kissing pig bottoms!
Survival game in the environment
A muddy and resilience testing obstacle course
and canoeing!

Students (and teachers) trekked over 10km through incline, sand and mud across Jellybean river, to the beach- (in less than perfect weather) for some sand dune tobogganing and lunch.

All students participated in our interactive Trivia Night and Talent Show, where students demonstrated a tremendous rage of talent, from speeches to raps, to dislocating shoulders while doing the splits and some beautiful singing. The night also featured some very exciting special guest judges!

We watched Norm of the North on our movie night and devoured lots of marshmallows that we toasted by the indoor fire pit.

We all found it very hard to say goodbye to the 3 four legged friends on the farm Bucket, Jedi and Luna!

Students discovered the ‘funnest game in the world’ in the Gaga Pit!

We visited the historic landmark The 12 Apostles and the infamous Loch Ard Gorge. This was a fascinating experience, as students have been learning about the history of Australia’s Shipwreck Coast.

Thank you to all the staff who made this camp possible and who assisted in making sure everything ran smoothly.

We hope everyone had a memorable experience and is well rested for school tomorrow.
Miss Costa

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This year 4/5H, 5/6L, 5/6I and 5/6C will have access to KIDSBLOG.
Kidsblog is used by teachers, students and parents for; communication, information, homework and questions.
To access the private blog follow the links below. If you have not been given a join code, please contact Adriana Costa in the 5/6 team.

Thank you.
5/6 Team

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lightbulbLET THERE BE LIGHT!lightbulb

With our third and final term Inquiry focus being “Light, energy and power”  the 6 team decided that in preparation for our Electrical Buzz incursion next week, the year 6s would be given the resources and opportunity to  experiment with creating electrical circuits.

Using batteries, fans, alligator clips, switches, copper wiring and more the 6s used trial and error to effectively power fans, switches and light bulbs.

“I enjoyed making lights work and making the fan fly”- Jack Kubsch 6C

IMG_6715 IMG_6719 IMG_6718 IMG_6720 IMG_6723 IMG_6735 IMG_6743 IMG_6761 IMG_6760

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Grade 4/5H and 5L

Inquiry Learning – ‘Let There Be Light’

Grade 4/5H and Grade 5L have been working on the Inquiry topic of ‘Light’ during Term 4. Our first experiment involved making a sundial or a shadow clock. This is the way they use to tell the time before we had watches or clocks.

We used a paper plate, some blu-tack and a straw. We set it up in the sunny area out the back of our classrooms. We weighted the clock down with a rock. We wrote it up as a Science experiment and went out every hour to measure how far the shadow had moved. We measured it at 9:30 am, 10:30 am, 11:30 am, 12:30 pm, 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm.

We had thought that the shadow would move the same amount each time however this was not the case. We discussed our findings and decided that some things could have affected our results. The wind may have blown our shadow clocks, other children may have knocked our experiments or even the chooks and the duck may have shown some interest.

shadow clocks



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Grade 5/6s

Grade 5/6s

Over the last couple of weeks, the grade 5/6s have been keeping very, very busy!
They have:

  • been to Camp Kangaroobie,
  • had a visit from Rose Giannone author of ‘What’s your story?’,
  • participated in an informative and entertaining visit from Camp Quality puppet show,
  • danced their hearts out with the amazing New York dance group ‘The Nubian Gents’,
  • AND they have been to Wellington Secondary College to watch the very funny production of ” The  Humour Games” and on another occasion to experience some science activities!

ALL while rehearsing like crazy for their upcoming school musical ‘This is Australia’

'What's your story?'

Rose Giannone-‘What’s your story?’ 11949608_10152975950826644_397343647_nRose Giannone- reading her book. She left our budding writers with these words of wisdom… “Don’t get it right, get it written”

Camp Quality

Camp Quality

Aman- Low ropes course,team work activity at Kangaroobie

Aman- Low ropes course,team work activity at Kangaroobie


canoeing with Ryan! watch out for the bullsharks!


Cody, with her gorgeous new friend!


Brad and Ella feeding one of the twin lambs!


Vicki making the little lamb very comfortable!


Deakin, trying to get a ride the pig, after kissing its bottom!


Well done Cody, only one to catch a piglet!


Loch Ard Gorge – group photo


Irene- Bella with one of the little lambs !


Lamont and the Nubian Gents- I believe!

Lamont and the Nubian Gents- I believe!

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Richmond Football Club visit Albany Rise

This week the grade 6’s were fortunate enough to have a visit from 3 Richmond Footy players!

Ricky Petterd, Anthony Miles and Matt McDonough came to Albany Rise to discuss the role of leadership in their day to day lives.

The boys hung around for some autograph signing and a kick to kick on the oval.



On Monday the 20th of July three of the Richmond Footy Players came to Albany Rise, Matt McDonough, Anthony Miles and Ricky Petterd. They came to talk to us baout leadership and how we are all leaders. We learnt that to be a leader you have to be responsible and you have to respect people. Afterwards we had a kick with them!

By Eleni Lyristis and Jack Kubsck 6C

On t he 20 of July 2015, Anthony Ricky and Matt from the Richmond footy Club came to talk to Albany Rise P.S and talked to us about responsibility resilience and respect around the Richmond footy club. Some students had the privilege to the them to sign some of their Richmond memorabilia. After 20 minutes of talking we went out to tkcik the football on the oval for about 10 minutes. Overall it was great to hear their talk.

Cody Seymor-Bromley 6JP

Anthony, Rick and Matt came to our school a few days ago from the Richmond Football Club! They taught us things about leadership, for example everyone is their own type of leader, some people are loud speaker type, some others are leaders who do things with actions instead of words, so they usually have a loud speaker near them! AFter they walked to us they went out and played football with the kids at our school on the oval. Also all the 6’s got signatures from them!

Jason Ho 6JP

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Seed Germination 5/6’s

Inquiry Learning – Seed Germination

Grade 4/5H and Grade 5L have been working on Seed Germination. We each set up an experiment to see if beans would germinate and grow with water, air and sunlight. We wrote it up as a procedural text but added in a hypothesis and a conclusion.

We recorded our observations of the bean growth regularly in a table. Some of the people from our classes predicted what they thought would happen. This is the hypothesis.


Emmanuel – “I predict that some seeds will grow but some may die because that’s what happens in a science experiment.”

Jenna – “I think that we will have to wait three or four days and some may grow but some may die.”

Every second day we recorded our observations. We dissected the seed to see what was happening inside. We saw an emerging root and an emerging shoot. The white-coloured root came out first, followed by the greener shoot. We measured the growth of each of them and recorded it in our table.

Eventually our hypothesis was right. Most of the beans grew to be as tall as 4 cm. The beans in the most sunlight grew faster.

seed1 seed2 seed3 seed4






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Grade 5’s Expositions!

Grade 5’s have been working on writing ‘Expositions’. Expositions are a persuasive piece of writing where the writer chooses one side of an argument and composes three important arguments in their composition.
Here are some excerpts from the children’s work.

‘Students should have mobile phones’ by Adi
“Secondly, mobile phones have education apps, eg. if you can’t go on Mathletics and Literacy Planet on your computer, you can flip out your phone and use the apps on your phone and learn. If you’re at a hotel and you didn’t bring your laptop, flip out your phone and use the apps which make you smarter!”

‘Students should have skateboards at school’ by Thomas
“Secondly, if you know where you live and you know the way home and your mum forgot to pick you up, you can ride on your skateboard home!”

‘All guns should be destroyed’ by Nathan
“Secondly, in wars if all guns were destroyed, we could prevent war in the future. There would only be wars with swords, bow and arrow, daggers and shields!”

‘Students should have mobile phones’ by Jaimee
“Firstly, it is extremely wrong NOT to have one. If you want to talk to your friends or family because they’re far, far away and to communicate with them, use a phone to do that. Don’t walk over there, it would take you hours for just talking. Dial their number, it will be much quicker!”

‘Students should have credit cards’ by Marko
“Furthermore, credit cards are a smart way to live because you can trace if someone has stolen your credit card and your parents can know what you have bought. If a mistake is made, or the child has done something bad, the parents can trace it back and do something about it!”

Wow, look out Andrew Bolt!!!!!!


photo2 photo3 photo4photo1


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Click against hate incursion- year 6

This week the year six students had an incursion, surrounding the idea of cyber safety, here are some of their thoughts!

Click Against Hate:

Today we had an incursion called ‘Click against Hate’ with Shannon from the Anti-Defamation Commission. She was telling us about cyber- bullying and some true personal experiences. We saw a video about defamation and incitement. After, we saw a video about how it’s bad to slap girls. We also saw one about some people asking girls of different ages to do things like “Run like a girl” or “Throw like a girl”. The older ones were doing the actions in ways that describe the phrase ‘Like a girl’. The younger ones however, were trying as hard as they could and when one was asked “What does it mean to run like a girl” she replied “It means to run as fast as you can” which was interesting.

I really enjoyed our incursion because it was interesting and I learnt new things.

By Bilaal 6JP


Our Incursion

This morning, we went to an incursion called ‘Click against hate’. A lady named Sharon taught about how to not be racist or offend other people. We learnt that everyone should be treated the same and the good and bad things about the Internet such as it’s good for research and bad because of Cyber Bullying. We also did a poster where we had to make a slogan about the information we had learnt from the Incursion. My partner and I did ‘Our fate is not to hate’. I thought it was very interesting because of all the information that we learnt.

By: Harry M 6JP

bella  jason and markYiota




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